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    Possible cache issue....HELP

    Wendy Baur Newbie


      I am writing a struts application, which means that my GUI interface has both .jsp (view) and .class (action) files. For some strange reason when I deploy my application my .class files are not updated. The app uses old files that no longer exist in the deployment directory (I think they are cached somewhere).
      When I perform a jar tvf on my deployed files the time the jar was created is the same (or off by a little bit) from deployment. I'm using ant to deploy and the deployment files and generated / compiled in a separate area and copied to the jboss deployment directory. When I look at the compile time of the classes it is also just a little off from the deployment / time of jar creation.

      Can someone please explain to me why my app is using old .class files instead of the ones deployed with the app. I'd also like to know how to correct this problem.