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    Richfaces support with LightStreamer

    Andrew Chukwu Newbie


      Has anyone successfully integrated LightStreamer with RichFaces. I'm having issues getting the page elements (items) updating using the script elements from light streamer.

      An example of the dataTable element is shown below.

      Are there any issues in using LightStreamer Comet Paradigm to update RichFace pages:


      <c:forEach begin="1" end="3" var="count">
      <rich:column><rich:calendar disabled="true"/></rich:column>
      <rich:column><f:verbatim><div source="lightstreamer" table="callTable" item="'<c:out value="${count}"/>'" field="1">-</f:verbatim></rich:column>
      <rich:column><h:outputText value="22:30:56"/></rich:column>