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    What jar are needed?

    Florian Hawlitzek Newbie

      In there lib directory there are 17 (!) jars with about 6 MB size.
      Which do I really need for using the TreeCache in a (Non JBoss-)J2EE server?

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          Bela Ban Master

          Yes, you get a lot of code for free :-)

          Okay, only TreeCache, not TreeCacheAop, and standalone. I assume you use replication.

          log4j.jar (or JDK 1.4 logging, then remove this)

          We are working on reducing dependencies to other parts of JBoss, so expect the number of JARs to go down

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            Florian Hawlitzek Newbie

            Thanks for your prompt answer.
            Yes, we will use replication.

            It's a little pity that there are so many dependencies to JBoss AS up to now (even if you don't use JMX).

            Productivity and ease of use of JBoss Cache are really impressive. Documentation is also good.