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    cache specific question/problem

    alban_coul Newbie


      JBoss 3.2.3 + tomcat on linux.

      I have an application (war + jar = ear). In the war, I have Flash stuff (done with flash MX) : I have a diaporama which loads an xml file in order to display the different produts with the different descriptions related to them. I have a problem of rendering : my flash application does'nt render font properly. I have a second application with the same diaporama (exactly the same) which runs on JBoss too and this one works perfectly, and I have tried to copy and paste the good diapo in place of the bad one with the html file related to it. Nothing hapens, the first application still renders nothing good, and the second renders good (same web page, same flash application, same xml file).
      So I was wondering if it could be a problem of cache: the first application still keeps the old flash stuff and don't use the new one.
      Well if you could answer to me, it would be great because if I come here to post this problem make sure that I have done EVERYTHING with flash forums (and it works with the other application).
      It there cache policy somewhere to follow?

      Thank you in advance and sorry if this post has nothing to be here.