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    Error upgrading to latest jgroups in latest JBossCache 1.2.3

    youngm Novice

      When I upgraded to 1.2.3 with the new version jgroups I get periodic exceptions:

      11:29:56,205 ERROR [UDP] exception in processing incoming packet
       at org.jgroups.Message.readFrom(Message.java:634)
       at org.jgroups.protocols.UDP.bufferToMessage(UDP.java:945)
       at org.jgroups.protocols.UDP.handleIncomingUdpPacket(UDP.java:720)
       at org.jgroups.protocols.UDP.run(UDP.java:277)
       at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:595)

      Everything appears to work fine I just keep getting that exception.

      I have other developers in my LAN working with their own channels if that helps provide any information regarding this problem.

      If I revert back to jgroups.jar that came with 1.2.2 everything works fine.