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    Performance: What's in an cache replication update?

    gregorypierce Newbie

      I've been reading the information for TreeCache/JBossCache/JGroups over and over to get a firm understanding on how the technology works because it looks very compelling for a wide variety of applications (outside of the enterprise space), but one thing I haven't been able to figure out for the cache is exactly how much data needs to be moved around during an update? Is this a very chatty protocol at the cache level?

      If I have clients A, B, C, and D each holding onto an object:

      "TestObject" that has a bunch of attributes, one of which is say the number of walls. If this object changes in A, what has to be transmitted to B, C, and D. Is it just some delta on the property or the entire object graph that TestObject might represent. I'm not entirely clear on how much data I'd be moving around on an object update if I want to set my transaction level such that each property change should be propagated across the clusters.