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    TreeCache tuning question

    Michael Newton Newbie

      I want to cache a lot of objects of the same type (currently 250,000, probably approaching a million in a year or two). As I understand the way treecache works, if there are any changes on a given node, the entire contents of the node are replicated. If that's true, I probably need to distribute my objects around the tree so that smaller batches are replicated with every update.

      So I was thinking about using the key of each object to contruct a more unique cache region. Say if the object's key was "seattle", I'd store it in the cache region /s/e/a/t or /s/e/a/t/t/l/e or something.

      The question: With TreeCache, is it more efficient to have a really deep tree with very few objects on each node, or a flatter tree with more objects on each node, and what are the tradeoffs?