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    creating one virtual web app with two wars in one ear on web

    Joe Gaber Newbie

      I am working on a project that has a EJB-based web application running on WLS 8.1 with IPlanet web server. The MVC framework is a proprietary one built with servlets and xslt for the views. There is tight coupling between the M, V, and C parts of the framework.

      The new requirements that need to be added are going to be non-EJB, Spring-based for the middle-tier and Spring's MVC framework for presentation. Eventually, incrementally, over time, the original xslt-based framework will be refactored into the Spring MVC framework. Because of this the first app will remain in its own war file and the new Spring app will be in a seperate war file. Both wars will be deployed to a single instance of WLS.

      When you load the application it goes to a LoginServlet that correlates a certificate to the request, obtains user specifics and then redirects to a "Home page" specific for the type of user.

      Tabs on the browser screen will link to either existing xslt views, or to Spring views from the second war.

      There is no current requirement to share business data between the two wars. Each war's business logic is independent of the other war's business logic.

      give this, are there ways to use TreeCache to improve the coexistance, and possible future sharing of state information between the two wars?


      Joe Gaber