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    logger configuration for stand-alone TreeCache?

    sascha guscheh Newbie

      hi ..

      i have a problem configuring the logger for the jboss cache. i use the normal TreeCache implementation without any jboss stuff. i do something like this:

      PropertyConfigurator pc = new PropertyConfigurator();

      everythings works fine, except i don't know how to tell the logger to shut up or to just use the logfile or whatever. somehow it would be logical to me to specify the log4j.xml (config for log4j) somewhere in init_cache.xml, but i couldnt find any attribute which adresses this problem.

      any ideas?

      aehm .. and did anyone try allready to cache a graph (triplestore) in the tree? (i do this by 'miss-using' the treecache to hold 2 node-lists (hashmap-like)). is there a better approach? maybe adjacence lists?

      thx, sascha