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    Unable to replicate objects from TreeCacheAOP on nodes.

    Anand Bhandari Newbie


      I am trying clustring JBoss app server. There are 2 nodes in my app. My problem lies in 2 cases.

      Case1: On node one i am starting JBoss server. Then i am deploying my ear file in farm. Now I am starting my node 2. Everything is fine upto this point.

      Now when i access my app, load balancing also works fine. I am using struts in my app. Upto certain point my request goes to a particular node. Then at one point where i am using MDB's, there are 2 request mapped one after another. Here the problem comes - The first request goes to my regular node and thereafter the concurrent request goes to other node. Now as in my reular node all the objects stored in TreeCacheAOP are present it works fine but when accessing the request on other node there is no data stored in TreeCacheAOP and hence gives a null pointer exception as it cannot find the object in TreeCacheAOP.

      Case 2: Now if in another case when i start my node 1 and deploy the app. Now i access my app and then i start my node 2 then all the values stored in TreeCacheAOP of node 1 is copied in node2 and is available.

      Please can you help me to locate my problem and probable solution for it. I am using syncronus replication in my clusturing.

      I look for solution to my problem.


      Anand Bhandari.