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    Error while reading data from cache

    Eugene Matyushkin Newbie

      I have the following error when reading data:

      2005-08-26 13:01:25,316 ERROR [.jboss.cache.lock.IdentityLock] (t:32745911 u:2629 s:subscriber b:jbroker) read lock for /sub
      scriber/user/2629 could not be acquired by <>:48 after 15000 ms. Locks: Read lock owners: []
      Write lock owner: <>:43
      , lock info: write owner=<>:43 (activeReaders=0, activeWriter=Thread[tcpConnection-6802-1,5,tcp-server], wait
      ingReaders=0, waitingWriters=0, waitingUpgrader=0)

      Is data locked by replication thread? How can I avoid it? I should have garanteed replication, so I use synchronous mode.