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    JBoss Tree Cache deploymnet in WAS for Network Deployment

    Shiv Bhasin Newbie

      We are using Websphere as application server and It is deployed in Network Deployment mode in production box. We are using TreeCache for caching POJO entities via hibernate.

      We are coming across deployment problem. On production box we don't have UDP/multicasting enabled. So for clusterconfiguration in TreeCache.xml, we have to use TCPPing for discovery, which necessiates each node in the cluster need to have different TreeCache.xml file because of unique Cluster configurations.

      We are bundling TreeCahe.xml in EAR file, and in netwrok deployment of WAS only single EAR gets deployed. Could anyone please explain how to deploy TreeCache under Network Deployment ?

      Can treecahe be deployed in network deployment or only on standaloneWAS node not deployed in cluster ?

      Please help urgently ?

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          Luis Daniel Benavides Newbie

          Hi! This looks more like a question for IBM.

          However, you can change manually the file on each node!

          If this seems to ugly, you can change the cache properties in the program, but as you used urgent in your post..maybe this will take u more time.

          I think is better to change it manually! (While you test the solution with program)

          I hope this help you, I am assuming that u are using WAS 5 isn't it? Be carefull because the configuration files are read from a different place where the ear is expandend.