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    Problems with cache read after failover

    mranga Newbie


      I have a timing issue. Sometimes I am unable to read the cache on failover. In the code that runs just after failover that gets triggered when a node gets made the new cluster loader, I read the cache but I get null back. I look in the cache afterwards and all the data is there.

      To be specific, I have a node and its peer running concurently. I have a piece of restart code running as a jboss service and the method to invoke on restart is restoreRuntimeState ( see fragment of jboss-service.xml below)

      When the method called "restoreRuntimeState" is invoked, the cache read returns no data. I look through the mbean for the cache and the data is there so I am wondering why this happening. This is happening intermittently i.e. it works sometimes and at other times it does not.

      <depends optional-attribute-name="TargetName">slee:service=MobicentsRuntimeRestore

      Can anybody help. Thanks