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    Fail-over when loosing TCP/IP connection.

    Pierre De Belen Newbie

      Hi All,

      We're running jboss tree cache 1.2.3 in a 2 computers cluster environment. We configured jgroups in order to have a TCP/IP link between the two machines, Group management behing handelg by TCPPING.

      When the TCP/IP connection is stoped (for example by a firewall timeout), two subgroups are created and then merged later thanks to MERGE2. Everything is fine here (at least since 2.2.8).

      My concerned is that when the two subgroups are merged, their cache is not synchronized (as it would if one computer crashed and restarted). Could Tree Cache listen to the groups modification and synchronize the cache of all node joining the group?

      I don't really know what criteria could be used to choose the cache reference that would overide others caches, but I would say (without thinking too much):
      - If groups have the same node numbers => random
      - If group A node number > group B node number => B get cache state form A.