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    cacheloader cluster, data consistency after restart

    Gabor Barna Newbie


      we have 3 cluster members, we will shutdown them one after another but after every shutdown we make some changes to the data which will be written of course only to the existing members. if i restart the servers (in any order) than i have to make sure that all of the members have the correct, latest changes.

      i have some workaround with a private map with all the members and with treecachelisteners viewChange method and timestamp but it is just a safety mechanism that the members are started in the right order and than i have to collect the data anyhow from the last shutdowned member.

      would be nice if someone could help me to find a solution to this problem!
      i'm interested in any solution!!
      i read something about the delegating cacheloader but i'm not sure if this is the way how i can solve my problems.

      thanks in advance!
      gabor barna