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    JBossCache version 1.2.4 is released


      As titled. You can download it from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=22866&package_id=102339&release_id=365141.

      A note on downloadable packages:
      jboss-cache-dist-1.2.4.zip for regular distribution. For most users.
      jboss-cache-minimal-dist.zip for libaries only
      jboss-cache-srcOnly.zip for source code only
      bdbje-for-jbosscache.zip for Sleepycat library

      In addition to regular dist, now we have a minimal zip of just libarary only and one with only source code.

      The 1.2.4 final has some additional fixes in addition to 1.2.4beta

      As usual, online doc is in docs.jboss.com.

      Here are the change notes:

      ** Feature Request

      * [JBCACHE-265] - Create build examples for load and compile time instrumentation for JBossCacheAop
      * [JBCACHE-273] - Support partial state transfer
      * [JBCACHE-294] - Upgrade JRunitTests with Xref reporter
      * [JBCACHE-305] - Allow use of registerClassLoader() API before createService()/startService()
      * [JBCACHE-335] - Backwards Compatibility for State Transfer

      ** Bug

      * [JBCACHE-279] - JBossCache fails with java.util.NoSuchElementException under heavy logging load
      * [JBCACHE-292] - The specification info in the jboss-cache.jar manifest is incorrect.
      * [JBCACHE-293] - IdentityLock.releaseAll() attempts to modify an unmodifiable Set
      * [JBCACHE-298] - ReplicationInterceptor does not remove entries from transaction map for remote calls
      * [JBCACHE-303] - JDBCCacheLoader attempts JNDI lookup of DataSource before it is registered
      * [JBCACHE-308] - ReplicationInterceptor does not remove entries from remote_transactions set for one-phase commit calls
      * [JBCACHE-310] - IdentityLock.toString() not thread safe
      * [JBCACHE-316] - Deadlock problems with __JBoss_Internal__ region under REPL_SYNC
      * [JBCACHE-319] - Node marshalling marshalls data redundantly
      * [JBCACHE-329] - Optimistic locking - allows concurrent mod if a node is deleted in the underlying cache.
      * [JBCACHE-334] - JBossCacheAop deadlock if use putObject with shared pojos from two separate cache instances concurrently
      * [JBCACHE-343] - maxAgeSeconds in LRUPolicy is not set correctly

      ** Task

      * [JBCACHE-128] - Handle MashalledValue for different class loaders
      * [JBCACHE-138] - Release 1.2.4 final
      * [JBCACHE-296] - Incorporate Fix for JBAS-2262 in the jboss-system.jar bundled with JBossCache 1.2.4
      * [JBCACHE-299] - Update the build script to include a target that creates a dist with src
      * [JBCACHE-302] - Document using the TreeCacheMarshaller
      * [JBCACHE-304] - Added missing locking scheme apis for TreeCacheMBean
      * [JBCACHE-321] - Remove dependency on log4j
      * [JBCACHE-325] - Use NodeData instead of Externalizable to marshal transient state for state transfer