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    Performance Benchmarks

    John Lukar Newbie

      Still missing or I can't find anywhere.

      We have a real-time application requiring near-realtime performance and using JBossCache/AOP would be contingent upon its performance.

      It would be helpfull if you guys can post some through benchmark numbers, specificaly for JBossCache/AOP as a standalone cache outside of Jboss container.

      - idealy with POJO and complex POJO's.


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          Ben Wang Master

          I am working with our partner in Japan to come up with some benchmrk number for JBossCache. Hopefully it can come out really soon as a baseline. :-) Then JBossCacheAop will come next.

          The cost of AOP is during initial putObject(). Once it is done, fine-grained replication is fairly efficient (since it is dirty field only). Furthermore, you can batch it as well.