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    concurrent access on jboss-cache1.0

    thomas Broussaud Newbie


      We use the jboss-cache1.0 (we can not change for the moment) in an application deployed on clustered servers. These servers should use
      the same data on the same time.

      We use it like this :

      Object result = null;
      result = cache.put(FQN, HEY, DATA);

      if (result == null){
      //the server is the first one
      } else {
      //another server has already write on the cache

      When the cache is local, the put method is blocking until the first server release the lock (throw commit call). But in synchronous replication
      mode, the put is not blocking and the data are writen twice (the result object is always null).

      Is it a known bug of version 1.0 or is it possibly a configuration problem ?

      Best regards,