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    TreeChangeListener - New Idea for notifications

    Andreas Kabus Newbie

      I'm using the TreeCache as DataRepository for frequent changing data, having several clients connected to the server. I've implemented a notification pattern, where rich-clients will be notified on data change.
      (The client uses a server socket to receive notifications from an custom written MBeanService, which itself is a listener to the TreeCache as TreeChangeListener). The MBeanService publishes a list of supported notification change types, where CacheChange is one of that types.
      A client can peek a type out of the supported list and can register interrest
      of changes to , e.g.

      "/this/is/the/path/to" KEYnn

      as TreeChangeListener I can get nodeModified( <path to node as Array>)

      only for the node "/this/is/the/path/to" BUT NOT THE VALUE CHANGE

      Wouldn't it be an idea to change the notification to provide the KEY additional to the Fqn (Path) ???