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    JDBC persistance with pojo cache and performance issue

    John Lukar Newbie

      I turned on JDBC persistance with Informix backend using TreeCacheAOP.

      The performance numbers are horribly slow.

      The "jbosscache" table created as part of service startup has the columns "fqn","node","parent" with types varchar(255), blob, varchar(255) respectively.

      The inserts of my pojo business objects as they are serialized into byte stream by the cache, are taking on the average of 15 seconds for each row. The DB is on another server off of the subnet.

      denormolizing the pojo object and writing a row out with all pojo fields to non-blob/byte columns as varchar, integers, etc. is a lot faster.

      Is this going to be the expected behaviour where JDBC persistance of POJO objects using serialized byte stream as default mechanism by TreeCache/AOP is going to be magnitude slower ?

      Can someone suggest a way to use JDBC persistance and yet make it fast or as fast as file persistance, etc. ? Maybe my own cacheLoader scheme ?

      I have to use JDBC/informix(vs. sleepycat) in order to not worry about local disk failure issues on persistance and recovery. A remote DB seems to be way.