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    Scalability Of JGroups/JCache

    Kevin Urciolo Newbie

      How many machines can safely be members of a group? We have hundreds (400+) machines. Will JGroups work in this environment? How does JGroups compare to something like the Spread toolkit with this number of machines?


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          Bela Ban Master

          I have never tested JGroups on hundreds of machines, as I don't have access to such a big lab. And network simulators only get you that far.
          I'd be interested in working with you to make it work if it doesn't.
          I know spead but haven't used it. I wrote JGroups to have a 100% Java solution, and no JNI code in it. At one time, I had a bridge (pipe) to an external Ensemble process, so I didn't have to use JNI, but that was not a clean solution. IMO anything that involves external processes or JNI code are not nice.