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    JBossCache version 1.2.4 SP1 is released

    Brian Stansberry Master

      As titled. You can download it from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=22866&package_id=102339&release_id=383441 .

      A note on the downloadable packages:
      jboss-cache-dist-1.2.4_SP1_FINAL.zip is the regular distribution. For most users.
      jboss-cache-minimal-dist-1.2.4_SP1_FINAL.zip with libraries only
      jboss-cache-srcOnly-1.2.4_SP1_FINAL.zip with source code only
      bdbje-for-jbosscache-1.2.4_SP1_FINAL.zip with the Sleepycat library

      In addition to the regular dist, we now have a minimal zip of just libraries and one with only source code.

      As usual, online doc is at docs.jboss.com.

      Here are the change notes:

      ** Bug

      * [JBCACHE-353] - Endless loop in IdentityLock sometimes triggered on TreeCache reconnection
      * [JBCACHE-359] - Callback into cache by TreeCacheListener prevents transaction rollback
      * [JBCACHE-361] - Marking a transaction as rollback only on a remote node does not result in a rollback of the overall transaction

      ** Task

      * [JBCACHE-349] - Include RpcTreeCacheMBean that's compatible with treecache-based HA-JNDI
      * [JBCACHE-350] - Reduced memory footprint for state transfer
      * [JBCACHE-360] - Alter DummyTransaction rollback behavior to match JBoss AS' TransactionImpl