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    cluster multicast address

    asaf zinger Newbie

      I'm using Multicast Address with 2 linux servers on the same segment (for jboss Cluster)
      The Cluster is able to find all is members(I assume this is because he is using the multicast address) when i'm using netstat -g on both servers i can see that eth0 got multicast address.
      my question is why when i'm using ping from one server the only response is from this server and not from the other server,

      i'm using local subnet(not using a router)

      i saw that some address work and some not

      i defined this address on both servers:

      what happend is that the first 2 didnt work, i got answer only from the localhost
      the last 2 work and i got answer from both servers
      when i ping from a third server on the subnet i got the same resault:
      the first 2 address didnt answer at all
      the last 3 returnd 2 resault from the defined server.