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    Using JBossCache to implement a global working queue

    Peter Friese Newbie


      I wonder if I should rather use JBossCache or JGroups (or maybe something completely different) to implement a solution for the following problem:

      I my current project, we have a core server and a number of of so called optimization servers. Both types of servers are implemented using Spring and run on Tomcat each. The core server needs to send sends optimization requests to the optimization servers which in turn pick up their work pckage and start processing. (The business case is to achieve a maximum load factor on cargo trains). The problem is that some optimization requests may be executed in parallel, while others may not be executed in parallel. So we do need something like a global hashmap that stores a list of all optimization requests along with an information whether any of the optimization servers is working on this package.

      At first, I thought it might be a good idea to use JGroups and the DistributedHashmap, but then I read the JavaDoc deprecation comment "Use JBossCache instead" :-) So, which one should I use?