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    Multicast address query

    Santosh Prabhu Newbie


      I am new to JBossCache.
      We have a enterprise application which runs in clustered mode.
      We tried JBossCache for synchronizing the cache at different cluster nodes and found it to be very useful utility.
      Presently we use JMS messaging for synchronising the data at different cluster node. Using JBossCache we can prevent the use of JMS for the synchronizing purpose as JBossCache provided much faster synchronization among the nodes.
      I had one query regarding choosing the multicast address.
      We would be having multiple installations of our application in the network.
      As a result we might require different multicast address for each installation.
      Can we use any address in the range to for multicast address?
      Are any of the addresses in this range reserved ?

      Thanks in advance,

      Santosh Prabhu