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    weblogic transactions with jbosscache

    stelang stelang Newbie

      I am a new user of jbosscache1.2.3 and am trying to use it with weblogic.
      For using transaction with weblogic, what TransactionManager or rather TransactionManagerLookupClass should I specify in my treecache configuration file?
      At the moment, I am doing the following in a servlet deployed in weblogic:
      Environment env = new Environment();
      Context ctx = env.getInitialContext();
      UserTransaction tx=(UserTransaction)ctx.lookup("javax.transaction.UserTransaction");
      cache.put(node, name, val);

      Is this the right way to use transaction with jbosscache and weblogic?
      I also noticed that, other than Dummy, there is 1 more txnManager available -org.jboss.cache.GenericTransactionManagerLookup. Can this be used with weblogic? I cannot use the Dummy transaction manager since my application will be deployed across multiple jvms.
      Really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.