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    JBossCache and EJB's

    Kurt De Wit Newbie


      I spend a serious amout of time Googling and searching the different JBoss forums in an attempt to find some information concerning JBossCache and EJB's.

      What I would like to configure is a clustered set-up in which SFSB are replicated between the different members to a JDBC database. If I'm correct, this should be done by configuring a CacheLoader within JBossCache. I did find information for defining an XML configuration file which realizes this approach. What I did not find was a way to link the different EJB containers to this cache (replicated cache)...
      In other words, how can I change the clustered session state replication from the in-memory solution to a JDBC solution?
      Where can I configure the link between this in-memory (or other approach) of caching and JBossCache configuration?

      Another question I have, how can I make a J2EE application (e.g. Swing application) use the earlier configured session bean cache within the application server? Is this used by default and update with the state of the database when needed or do we have to perform special configurations at server level, of perhaps at application level?