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    Newbie question of Eviction & Remove Listeners

    Thirumalai Veerasamy Newbie


      I am planning to implement JBoss Cache to the application I am working on. I have a database table which will be updated through a batch process every x hours depends upon the environment, Testing, Integration and Production.

      I saw eviction policy for nodes with time to live, etc., What exactly the difference between the eviction and removal? It just has time to live & max Age. Can I configure the eviction as from this hour evict every x hours like Timer ? Can I extend the eviction and implment this feature without impacting any JBoss Cache design?

      can I register a listener on a node by declaration ? For eg., updating a node. I saw the Cache Listener, but in that case I would have to check for the node key every time and do necessary action for a particular node.

      Thanks in Advance