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    refresh cache data

    Srivathsa Newbie


      i am a newbie to this group.
      i had a problem i refreshing the cache data obtained from the database.
      please help me with the steps that needs to be followed in order to refresh the cache using jboss cache.

      please help

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          sree praveen Newbie

          can u give more information, what are you trying to do exactly and are you using hibernate... or you running ur cache in replicated mode or isolated mode.

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            Srivathsa Newbie

            thanks for the concern praveen,

            by refreshing the cache what i meant was this:"

            i am getting data for the cache from the database, and suppose that the database is added with new contents every second.
            But updating the cache every time get() is called is inefficient, so i thought of refreshing the cache in every 1 hour or any other user defined time.

            I think this will eloborate the question, please let me know for further clarification.