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    Replication Bug with Collection proxies

    prateek mathur Newbie

      Hey,there is an issue in replicating "updated" changes in the following scenario:

      Map proxyMap=(Map)cache.geObject("/aop/mymap");
      Set set=proxyMap.keySet();
      Iterator setIterator=set.iterator();
       Object obj=setIterator.next();

      So when the iterator.remove() is called , it will remove the object from the set and the corresponding "key" and "value" from the HashMap.
      But the PROBLEM is it does not REPLICATE this removal.Since the HashMap was affected ultimately so replication should have happened, but it doesnt.

      However if i explicity call a map.remove("key"), the removal is replicated to the other nodes in the cluster.

      Is there any workaround for this??