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    Cache in Cluster-envionement with In memory Cache Loader

    biswajit_java Newbie

      Hi All,

      Thanks for your support. and Here i have a doubt regarding Cache in Clusterd Enviornment.
      The Case Study i am using as follows :
      i am using In Memory Cache Loader and i have 2 boxes which works in clusterd envionement.
      and every things works fine but i got some doubts.
      When i hit first time in 1st box it takes data from database and puts into box1's memory and when i stops 1st box and go to url of Box2 it again goes same step as ist box it takes from database and put into memory and gives data. So here my doubt is why it is starting from scratch why not from direct memory in 2nd box . can anybody please clerify me.

      Note : clustering works fine , do i have to do some other stuff for caching in term of In Memory Cache Loader.

      Thanks in Advance,