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    TimesTen usage against the JbossCache

    Mitesh Kambli Newbie


      I have to draw inferences against TimesTen In-Memory usage towards the JBoss caching mechanism , I have already implemented the Jboss Caching mechanism on Production, but problem we came across is about the CPU utiilization for the continous data flow.

      We applied the solution of reducting the Nodes which are of no use inorder to maintain the Memory usage which reduce the mem-usage to certain extend but CPU utilization problem still existed.

      Now am planning to shift on Timesten considering the mem/Cpu utilization would be handled convincingly.

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          Brian Stansberry Master

          What JBossCache version? A number of CPU utilization improvements went into 1.2.4 (use 1.2.4.SP2).

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            Mitesh Kambli Newbie


            as suggested , we tested with the Jboss 1.2.4 but havent achieved any improvement result on it.

            No drop of CPU utilization.

            specification : jdk 1.4, sun solaris E-270 server with Quadra system.
            Jboss 3.2.5, Jboss-cache.jar version 1.2.4

            We even tested with SleepyCat functionality where we achieved the result with 50% cpu utiilization decrease but for particular amount of time , I know that memory stacking gets raised up gradually for couple of hours and sleepy cat eventually flush the memory data into the persistent storage.
            But Why cpu utilization should shoot up.

            Have anyone come across with such problem for vast continous flow of Data handling by JBoss Cache or SleepyCat.