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    relationship between jboss cache service and cache loaders

    Saroj Kachhwal Newbie

      Hello Everybody,

      I am using jboss tree cache service in my current project.
      I am having lot of doubts while trapping the behavior of treecache and the cacheloaders (i.e. configured into xml as CacheLoaderClass attribute)
      Some of my doubts/questions are as follow:

      1 ) When do the function - public void put(List modifications) of cache loader is called by cache service?

      2) What is the significance/role of Modification object in this context? What does Modification:getType() indicate?

      3) When does get(fqn,Object) of loader is called by cache service?

      Please reply to the above questions or send me a link to a relevant doc for this. I have been refering to the following link for jboss caching:


      Looking forward your reply.

      Thanks and regards