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    FileCacheLoader ignoring the 'location' attribute

    jaikiran pai Master

      We are using JBossCache-1.2.4 in JBoss-3.2.3 with Hibernate-3.1.2 and configuring the FileCacheLoader through the treecache.xml. When the location attribute for the FileCacheLoader is specified something like:

      <attribute name="CacheLoaderConfig" replace="false">

      Note the backslashes after c:

      The FileCacheLoader does NOT create any files. There are no error message either.
      However if the location is changed to :

      <attribute name="CacheLoaderConfig" replace="false">

      Note the backslashes have been removed after the c:
      Everything works fine, the files are created in the c: by the FileCacheLoader.

      Wanted to confirm whether i am doing it wrong or is this a bug, before reporting this in the JIRA.