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    A Different Way of Deploying JBoss Cache

    Evon Lai Newbie


      I have deployed JBoss Cache in WebLogic 8.1, with cluster servers. I am still encountering the following exception even though I have updated to JBoss Cache 1.3 SP1

      weblogic.transaction.RollbackException: Transaction timed out after 31 seconds

      I suspect I'm not using JBoss Cache the way it was meant to be used. The JBoss Cache in my project serves as a resource repository for the rich client applications. Hence there will be huge amount of data, retrieved, updated by multiple users concurrently. When I encountered the exception, I did managed to retrieved some resources from the cache, but as i was retrieving a huge amount of data, after some time, this exception occurs.

      If i change the cache config from "Repl_Syn" to "Invalidation_Syn", the cache seems to work, but I'm afraid that with huge data transactions from multiple users, this exception will occur again. Please enlighten me on this. Thanks in advance.


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          Manik Surtani Master

          Perhaps your transaction timeout in WebLogic is less than your lock acquisition timeout in JBoss Cache? Or perhaps your sync repl timeout? So while still waiting to acquire locks on remote nodes to replicate stuff, the tx times out?

          Invalidation is a lot more efficient than replication since data is not replicated across the wire. Recommended if you have a large data set, probably backed by a DB or something, that makes it unlikely for 2 users to work on the same data. (If this happens, you lose the efficiency of the cache and see more cache misses than hits)

          Still though, I'd focus on looking for the reason for timeout because this is irrelevant to cache mode used.