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    Preventing split brain

    Pavel Z Newbie


      does the JBossCache contain any algorithm for preventing the split brain problem? I've found nothing about it in the documentation.


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          Pavel Z Newbie

          I'll be more specific.

          I've performed several tests under MS Windows with 2 workstations each running one instance of JBossCache version 1.3 with synchronous invalidation.

          When simulating network problems (network cable unplugged):
          One instance detected, that the other one does not live any more, and puts were working OK.
          The other instance did not detect anything and puts failed with timeout.

          Maybe this is a feature of MS Windows (I know there are problems with media sense in MS Windows), but is this the expected behaviour?

          And if I had 10 instances and the network link to one of them failed, will it be possible to use the JBossCache in the 9 remaining? And what will happen with the one with the network failure? Will this instance work causing cache inconsistencies?