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    Distributed Transactions in Standalone Mode

    Arun Kumar Newbie

      Hi All,

      When used in the "Standalone" mode, does JBossCache support Distributed Transactions ? I am working on a prototype where I've 3-4 nodes using JBossCache. But I am running into issues when 2 clusters try to access the same Tree node. Although I've the access/update to the node wrapped within a transaction (DummyTransaction). The commit fails on both the nodes (because they timeout on waiting to aquire locks on the node).

      I would understand if the commit on one of the nodes failed and the other goes through. But the fact that they both fail doesn't seem to make sense to me. Is this problem related to the fact that JBossCache doesn't support distributed deadlock detection. If so, what is the workaround ?

      Thanks in Advance,