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    Inhertance problems

    Gilad Shriki Newbie


      I've got the following classes:

      public class Person {
       protected String first_name;
       protected String last_name;

      public class User extends Person {
       protected String username;
       protected String password;
       protected Device device;

      public class Device {
       protected String vendor;
       protected String modelID;

      When duplicating a User, I get the right values for the Device members, and the local variables of User. The inherited values of Person are not being duplicated.

      I'm running the application on JDK5.0, with the -javaagent parameter

      The jboss-aop.xml:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <prepare expr="field(* Device->*)" />
       <prepare expr="field(* $instanceof{Person}->*)" />

      Any help will be appreciated.