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    treecache transactions not as expected

    deep soul Newbie

      Hi all,
      I am trying to use tree-cache transactional feature, and it does not working as my expectation [perhaps i got it all wrong...]. any help would be appreciate. I will try to simplify the issue.
      I start the cache with the following properties:
      (standalone or inside oc4j - both not working)

      I have 2 theads: reader and writer. The reader runs in a loop that displays all the cache content. The writer start a transaction that puts 2 new nodes in the cache. I use debug to stop the writer after putting the 1st node (but before commit). and then i notice that the reader already knows of the existance of that new node. I expected the reader not to read that node till the commit (in the writer thread).

      any help would be appreciate.