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    can I replace a stateful session bean with JBoss cache?

    Lean Mclean Newbie

      a) We have an app with an applet interface. At periodic intervals the applet goes to server and gets updated data and repaints.
      On the server side now, there is a stateful session bean that holds the object data painted by applet. Whenever there is a change to the data of objects held by stateful bean, then the object referrred to by stateful session bean is updated. Can I reap a lot of benefits if I move from stateful to JBoss cache(generally speaking)

      b) The above described is an existing system...and I want to suggest JBoss cache to client (in lieu of stateful session beans)and hence was looking for an article or write-up that compares stateful and JBoss cache...is there one?

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          Manik Surtani Master

          It depends on your application. JBoss Cache is not a drop-in replacement for stateful session beans in any way. If all your SFSBs do is maintain back-end state for your applets, then they could be replaced with a cache service (clustered or not) but you will still need some remoting to alow your applet to talk to your cache tier. With EJBs you get this for free, since EJBs are remote objects anyway.

          Perhaps you could use a stateless session bean to manage the remote conversation, and this stateless bean could, on the server side, talk to the cache layer.