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    PojoCache - collection gets corrupted

    Isaac Levin Newbie

      My application uses PojoCache (with jdk1.5 annotations). I have 2 cachable classes: 1st class has some mamber variables (String, int) and ArrayList. The ArrayList is filled with instances of the 2nd class.

      I started the application on 2 machines, created my outer POJO, modified some properties and added a couple of instances of inner POJO to the ArrayList. Everything worked fine and the changes were replicated to the second machine.
      Then I pulled out network cable on the second machine and tried to add another instance of inner POJO to ArrayList using first machine.
      After timeout list.add(pojo2) returned, but the ArrayList itself bocame null.

      JBoss Cache version - 1.4.0 CR1
      Replication mode - REPL_SYNC
      Isolation level - SERIALIZABLE
      JVM - Sun 1.5

      I would very appreciate any help.