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    "GMS: address is..." dispalayed twice

    franco lazzari Newbie

      I'm running Jbosscache inside WebLogic 7; I have two Weblogic instance and I reoplicate a state between them.

      When I start, even ONLY ONE Weblogic instance, I see the following lines displayed:

      GMS: address is

      GMS: address is

      i.e. I see TWO GMS lines ( is the address specificated in the JBossCache config file).

      The piece of code is:

      private RepositoryDenormalizzato()
      try {
      connTokenMonitorTree = new TreeCache();
      PropertyConfigurator config = new PropertyConfigurator();
      config.configure(connTokenMonitorTree, "META-INF/mioreplSync-service.xml");
      Ascoltatore asc = new Ascoltatore();
      catch (Exception e) {
      System.out.println("ECCEZIONE impossibile attivare cluster "+e);

      and this method is the constructor of a Singleton class.

      When I run the same code as a stand alone program outside Weblogic, the GMS line is displayed once.

      Of course, in WebLogic, the TreeCacheListener sees all events as "doubled". I.e., when I create a node, method "nodeCreated" is executed twice. When I remove a node, method "nodeRemoved" is executed twice, and so on.

      Why this happens?