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    JBoss Cache 1.4.0.GA and 1.3.0.SP3 released

    Manik Surtani Master

      I'm proud to announce that JBoss Cache 1.4.0 "Jalapeno" has just been released.

      I'd like to thank all those who contributed to this very important release, the community which is the driving force behind this project, and everybody who've been very patient in waiting for this release despite unavoidable delays.

      This release marks huge performance improvements in replication throughput, as well as overall PojoCache performance. In addition, big new features such as Buddy Replication and Data Gravitation are now in production, which open up interesting possibilities for the scalability of your clustered application.

      Here are some previous articles and posts regarding JBoss Cache 1.4.0 "Jalapeno":

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      Download JBoss Cache 1.4.0 "Jalapeno" here.
      Read about JBoss Cache 1.4.0 "Jalapeno" here.
      Talk about JBoss Cache 1.4.0 "Jalapeno" here.

      Also, another service pack on the JBoss Cache 1.3.0 "Wasabi" branch has just been released - 1.3.0.SP3.

      This contains critical bug fixes and performance improvements backported from JBoss Cache 1.4.0 "Jalapeno".

      Download the release on the JBoss Cache download page, or see what's new in SP3.