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    Jboss Tree Cache EJB Remote Clients Problems

    Chciago Pool Newbie

      Hi every one,
      We have an internal class implementation with in our organization of Jboss Tree Cache. Which wraps around the one from JBoss, this was done as way to avoid the users to cut the direct dependency on JBoss. We want this service to be used by clients from across the network so we put a stateless session bean before that more of a façade, and Tree Cache is will be instantiated using Spring Core. We were of the opinion that through spring we can not only get an instance of the Tree Cache but also we can take care of it being singleton. So our session bean has put and gets methods to put an object, but the interface works fine in one session call, I can put and get the methods. But when I put an object into Tree Cache in one session bean call and later try to retrieve it from another call I get a ?null?. Can any please tell me what is happening here and how we can get a EJB interface to Tree Cache.

      Thanks in advance.