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    Problem Running JBoss Cache within JBoss Application Server

    emailms box Newbie

      So, I'm using JBoss 4.0.4 with JBoss cache 1.4 on JVM 1.5

      I using the Address class from the tutorial.

      PojoCacheMBean myCache;
      Address address = new adddress()
      myCache.putObject("123",address );

      and the error is .....

      jboss.cache.TreeCache] putObject(): exception occurred: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: PojoCache.putObject(): Object type is neither aspectized nor Serializable nor an array of primitives. Object class name is com.test.data.Address

      it looks like that the 1.5 annotation are ignored
      if I remove the annotation @org.jboss.cache.aop.annotation.PojoCacheable
      the error is the same ?!

      the cache 1.4 upgreade : I replaced jboss-cache.jar with jboss-cache-jdk50.jar
      and jboss-aop-jdk50.jar
      As I understand jboss-aop.xml is not needed

      Please , Any ideas ?