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    max_suspend_time and "state retrieved successfully"

    franco lazzari Newbie

      When there are large state transfer, I get the message (JBosscache 1.2.3, JGroups 2.2.8):

      WARN [STABLE] ResumeTask resumed message garbage collection - this
       should be done by a RESUME_STABLE event; check why this event was not received
      (or increase max_suspend_time for large state transfers)

      1) Where I can increase max_suspend_time parameter? Where is it set?

      Sometimes, line

      INFO [TreeCache] state was retrieved successfully (in 6313 milliseconds)

      is not written. Instead, I find lines like

      INFO [TreeCache] state could not be retrieved (must be first member in group)
      INFO [TreeCache] received the state (size=7757569 bytes)
      INFO [TreeCache] transient state: 7757517 bytes
      INFO [TreeCache] setting transient state
      INFO [TreeCache] locking the old tree
      INFO [TreeCache] locking the old tree was successful
      INFO [TreeCache] setting the transient state was successful
      INFO [TreeCache] forcing release of all locks in old tree

      even if there is already a member in the group (for instance when I am trying to get a large state). Please note that line: "state was retrieved successfully" is not written.

      2) What those lines mean exactly? The state was not transferred at all? The state was partially trasferred? A state was trasferred but it is unreliable?