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    problem getting pojocache to work

    Lior Dratler Newbie

      Hi All

      I am trying to setup a clustered jboss cache solution,
      I am using pojo cache (1.4 latest release)
      For some reason I can't get replication to work between 2 machines.
      Replication is happening fine on one machine (more then one JVM processes)
      I am using the distribution?s pojocache-service.xml
      With the following changes:
      REPL_SYNC instead of LOCAL
      And <UDP loopback =?false? ?> on the windows machine.
      I am using the example?s ?Sample-Cluster? name .

      One machine runs Fedora core 5 + jdk 1.5.xx, the second machine is
      Win XP + jdk 1.5.xx..
      I have ?aspectisized? my non annotated pojos (again replication is happening fine on a single machine)
      I have turned the firewall off on both machines. (on the linux box I have also disabled SELinux)
      To be on the safe side I went as far as using a cross cable between the machines, with no other network connections.
      The code for starting the cache is very similar to the code in the distribution?s
      ..examples/Pojocache/non-annotated/?test class.

      Any thoughts ?