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    Pojo (Tree Cache) locking question

    Shalom Nagar Newbie


      I am trying to use the org.jboss.cache.lock.* package
      in order to obtain (replicated) cache wide Object Locking.

      Using the IdentityLock class I have managed to lock (write locks) objects (annotated pojos) on a single node.
      For some reason the lock does not seem to prevent other nodes in the cluster
      , from obtaining locks to the same object.
      Is it because I am using the DummyTransactionManager preconfigured in the release's example XMLs
      I am using 1.4GA version.
      ? tx.start
      pojo2.setField2() ;
      Way of doing things is not going to workout for me.
      I Really need cluster wide directlocks.

      Many Thanks