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    JBoss Cache run from within an application WAR file...

    John O'Grady Newbie

      This may belie me not understanding something basic about how Cache works with JBossAS, but here goes..

      I'd like to run JBoss Cache on JBossAS, but package it within our application's WAR file. What I haven't been able to find in the wiki/docs/faqs is how to do this, and if you do, whether or not the MBean interface can be accessed from JBoss's console.

      If this is a matter of Cache needing to be loaded from the JBoss instance's lib directory in order for the console to recognise Cache as manageable, then so be it, but it would be nice to see a Wiki page or an entry in the docs detailing the different ways to install Cache and the comparative benefits of each way.

      What we are looking to do is to run a cluster of Caches on a cluster of JBoss servers, but we'd like the ability to simply deploy a war to another AS instance and bring up another Cache instance, instead of having to put the Cache jar in the server's lib directory, the cache config xml in the server deploy directory, etc... - and yet still be able to utilise the MBean managablity.

      This is all assuming JBossAS v4.04 and JBoss Cache 1.4