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    TcpCacheServer / Transaction propagation

    jan zimmek Newbie

      Dear all,

      I am evaluating the JBoss-Cache and it is really impressive.

      But I have a question about "TcpCacheServer" and "TransactionManager".

      We are planning the following server-structure:


      2 JBossCache 1.4 instances (standalone, outside of any application-server) with BuddyReplication and one shared storage.
      Both instances are running as TcpCacheServer.


      15 BEA-Weblogic 8.1 having a TcpDelegatingCacheLoader taking part in the Bea-JTA-Transactions.


      Will the Bea-JTA-Transaction which is only available on the TcpDelegatingCacheLoader-side be propagated in any way to the 2 TcpCacherServer instances or is any further configuration needed ?

      I have no TransactionManagerLookup (=> Dummy) configured in the 2 TcpCacheServer instances, because it simply runs outside any application-server.

      What problems can arise without having a Transaction on the 2 TcpCacheServer instances ?

      Would be great if someone could help me on this currently theoretical questions.


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          Manik Surtani Master

          Your TX on your BEA tier (let's call it that for now) will not propagate to your TCPCacheServer tier. Since access to the TCPCacheServer is wrapped up as a CacheLoader, however,it will be party to the TX such that commits and rollbacks will be adhered to.

          I can't concievably think of any potential problems with not running transactions on the TCPCacheServer tier.

          Why would you bother running BuddyReplication on the TCPCacheServer tier if you only have 2 nodes here? :-) Future scalability?